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In Google type in these words, "Why are photographers so." and let Google fill in the rest with these suggestions: rude, arrogant, expensive, pretentious etc... Sadly, I guess us photographers have a bad reputation.  It is hard to fathom why this is the case because when I speak for myself I love my job, in fact I wouldn't even call it a job because I love what I do so much.   I think my passion shines through in my work, if you love what you do it reflects in the quality of the work you produce.   Photography is a profession you choose not because it is the safe or logical thing to do, it is the career you choose because you are passion about it, and I think my passion, my love of creating work that meets and often times  exceeds my clients expectations is part of the joy I find in photography.  

I keep a low profile, I barely advertise, a majority of my work comes to me simply by word of mouth. I like this because people know exactly what they are getting when they come to me.  However, not all my customers are by word of mouth, occasionally  through serendipity clients discover me online often complaining later after I deliver their photos, "Why don't you advertise or promote your work, you could be much more successful, it was impossible to find you!"  In all honesty I am already taxed with the workload I have, as I not only shoot but do my own retouch work as well.  The reason why my current clients  like my prices is because I have very little overhead.I am not completely invisible though, In 2015 I was made an ambassador for Hasselblad here in Japan, and in 2017 I was made an ambassador for Arri lights.  You can see my work monthly in a variety of magazines I am published in from Car Sensor Edge, GQ online, Men Ex, Octane Japan, Porsche Classic Japan, Vantage etc...magazines which reflect the two subjects I love, people and cars.  However, my portfolio is a bit more eclectic as I have worked with NHK most recently working with the Martha Stewart of Japan, Harumi Kurihara on her latest book.  So if you live in Tokyo or Japan and are looking for a photographer please give me a ring or drop me a line in the contact link above, I look forward to creating something that will make you smile.


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