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There are 29 stations along the Yamanote, 2 lines running clockwise and counterclockwise, a tin can supercollider on rails shuffling people around Tokyo on this endless loop.  If you want to consume the full breadth of Tokyo and only have an hour to do so, circumambulate the Yamanote to see the gradation of neighborhoods and people.  If you can't make it to Tokyo wait  for the book 29 Stations, a collection of street portraits, showing the people who live, work, shop, and wander the neighborhoods of the 29 stations.  

The initial idea for this project came on U.S. election day 2016, over countless rounds of whiskey highballs, though this was an idea I had stirring in my head for some time. That was the day I met my German friend Max Wohllrabb, whom I told my idea to.  He said he was thinking of the same idea, and so instead of wasting time, we were out on the streets making drunk talk into reality.  

The  sampling of images you see here are photographed using my Hasselblad H4D-50 and a high powered studio strobe with an octabox, sometimes gridded, sometimes not.  Using a high powered studio strobe with either a parabolic umbrella or an octabox, I overpower the sun with the strobes to make the backgrounds dark.  Though this book is about the neighborhoods of the 29 stations, I am not trying to focus on the architecture but rather the people themselves who paint a picture about the areas.  Max who is also photographing does most of the recruiting of the people off the streets as he has a very warm and kind personality that people like...frankly I tend to be a bit cold.  When I shoot I give little to no direction as to what I want the people to do, this is not a fashion shoot, this is to my mind a catalog of faces that might reveal something about the neighborhoods I am in.  

Below is just a small sampling of images from this upcoming book 29 Stations which I am working on.  


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