BUGATTI EB-110 - studiomakishima

It is late in the day at Fuji Speedway, I am in a early 90s Alpina B10 twin turbo rounding the last few corners right before the long straight in front of the grandstands and there it was.  Awake now, it had pulled back the sheets of clouds it was blanketed in, standing majestically and  unobstructed in front of me, strong, as if a fist crushing an orange, juicy rays of honey tinged autumn light, bursting through the crevices of its fingers.  I knew that Mt. Fuji was behind the clouds just as I knew the sun was behind Fuji and that autumn sunsets are always spectacular and that if I was lucky I might just get a chance to see it. A moment not unlike the sunset behind Fuji had emerged earlier in the day when I was wandering the paddocks.  My friend Naoki with a huge grun and  without words gestured me with his hands to follow me into one of the paddocks.  What did he find?  So there it was, a car that I had read about in magazines and books but had never witnessed in real life.  This particular one was the first Bugatti EB-110 imported into Japan making it somewhat more special than others though lets be frank, and I hate to sound like a new-age teacher, they are all special. Some car enthusiast are more keen to say they are just plain ugly, whilist others will say it just isn't a Bugatti and for that reason one of the more affordable Bugattis on the market.  The car was and still is extraordinary for what it is, here is a car that was designed by Gandini of Bertone, has performance figures that challenge even the best supercars today.  

As for me, I like the design and really had a good time walking around the car getting a feel for how I would photograph it.  Again I only used one strobe fired multiple times and composited in Photoshop.  Certainly if I had more time I could have done a better job but I had other events to attend this day and this was not the star of the show, though for me it was.                                                                                       

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