CHIAKI IN HARAJUKU - studiomakishima

Passion has far more to do with suffering than it has to do with pleasure yet the small amount of pleasure that you receive keeps you wading through all the discomfort.  I know very little about modeling but what I observe of it is that like my own job, it is far from being glamorous, and like photography it is driven by passion.  Passion in this case was that we ended up walking over 15km this day, me carrying around my usual assortment of lighting and camera gear weighing in around 50kg or so, Chiaki walking around in shoes that almost certainly gave her blisters at the end of the day.  Yet when we wrap up shooting for the day, we look at the photos, we forget the physical misery. The truth of the matter is that we are not making money off this work, we won't become famous because of it, yet we will almost certainly shoot again.

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