COLOR ZOOM 2017 - studiomakishima

My friends and clients at Coge are back at it again this year, trying to win the 2017 Goldwell Color Zoom contest.  Last year we placed, but didn't win.  There are so many obstacles to this challenge.  Often the theme to these shows don't translate into Japanese well which is where I sort of act as a buffer to tell the hair colorists and dressers that a particular idea doesn't meet their criteria.  Furthermore, the stylistic conditions which need to be met for the challenge don't exactly merge with the realities of Japanese hair.  It seems the rules were ideal for caucasian hair.  Nonetheless we gave it a good shot, I am not sure how well we will do in the competition, but just in terms of visual interest, we did well I think.  The photos you see here are from a pre-shoot. The technical requirement of this hair color contest was something called oil-slick hair, in which the hair looks like the rainbow iridescence of oil on water.  This perhaps didn't achieve that look, but the images which were submitted to the contest certainly met those conditions.

If you are interested in knowing more about Coge and would like to see a video of me working with them there is a nice video here.

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