Most of the work that I do these days is sued in advertising which is one of the reasons I haven't been posting much as I do not have permission to post the work I am creating especially for higher end clients.  I used to have a link on my page for family portraits which I have removed.  However, I still get questions regarding whether or not I am willing to take non-corporate clients, and will I still do family portraits?

There is of course a lot more money in advertising work.  On one single commercial shoot which may be only a few hours, I can make as much as if I were shooting portraits all month.  However, these jobs are not everyday, and I didn't become a photographer with the idea I am going to make a lot of money.  I do photography because I love it, and I love taking family portraits when those jobs come my way.  

A few months ago I arranged this shoot for some clients coming from the UK.  The mother like myself is half Japanese and wanted to have shichigosan portraits.  However, after talking she wanted not just the kids portraits but the whole family.  So I arranged kimono rentals, kimono dressing and setup a location to shoot the photos.  

I really had a fun time hanging out with this family, they are really wonderful people and as with many shoots of this nature, I wouldn't consider them clients so much as now I would consider them friends.  

If you are interested in a similar shoot please feel free to contact me about prices.  

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