ENGLISH YOKOZUNA - studiomakishima

I am in the passenger seat of a 2015 Bentley Mulsanne with Shiro Horie, the editor-in-chief of Octane Japan at the helm navigating our English land yacht through the narrow snaking road headed up what I assume to be the eastern slope of Mt. Fuji as I can see the sun beginning to set behind it.  The torque is industrial, I am pressed back into my seat, ascending higher and higher in my first class seat.  I am thinking to myself that only the current Yokozuna could challenge this vehicle in terms of size, weight, agility, power, heritage and fuel consumption, granted I don't think this car has chanko nabe in its gas tank.   

We arrive at a black volcanic gravel parking lot just as the sun is setting and a amazing yet peculiar diagonal ray of light shoots out the back of Fujisan.  As Horiesan is positioning the vehicle for the photo shoot, I am taking light readings.  I can expose for the car and make it look great but the difference is light is so great that the sky behind it will be totally be blown out.  Strobe time but I don't have time to set up all the lights in time to capture the moment.  I do the next best thing, my Hasselblad H5D-50c goes on a tripod and I make five exposures moving around the car with my strobe, using both a hard reflector and a soft box.  I can't be too precise about getting the exposure perfect with the lights.  One of the reasons why I love the Hasselblad is because with 16 bit capture and the larger sensor you can work a bit looser.  I didn't have the time to make sure I was getting the perfect exposure with each pop of the strobe.  I know there is a chance that I have overexposed the shot with the strobes but the beauty of the Hasselblad resides in the ability to recover a lot of the highlights, also since the sensor is also a CMOS, I have better ability to recover shadows as well. The 50c for me is the best all around camera for the work I do, though admittedly in controlled lighting conditions such as in a studio, I still like my CCD based sensors, but with recent developments in CMOS technology, especially with the 100megapixel H6D, I am learning to really love CMOS.  

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