SO WRONG IT WAS RIGHT - studiomakishima

I recall as a child how much I dreaded having my portrait taken and when I decided to start accepting requests to take family portraits I decided that if I am going to do that, I need to make it a positive and hopefully fun experience.  The fact is sometimes no matter how much effort you put into making the kids smile, it just doesn't work.  So what do you do?  In this case the family showed up in this wonderful vintage Toyota, the color of which nearly matched the sky.  In Japan it is really rare to see vintage or rather older cars because the weather is just not so friends to cars.  The kids really really did not want to be wearing these kimono and were talking about what other things they could have been doing today.  Even the baby was crying.  The mom was doing her best to make everything ok, and then something popped into my head.  This family portrait should be a celebration about mom who can do anything and does everything.  I told the father to pop the hood on the car, I told the mom to lean over the bumper as if to fix it, and as for the kids, I just told them to keep looking miserable.  As for dad who was holding the baby, I told him that you need to put a cigarette in your mouth...why?....well it just makes mother look more saintly!  Mothers are incredible and this photo, one of many that day is my thanks to all the moms out there who do so much and the big thank you to the mothers who hire me for these jobs, dads are great too, but I have never had a dad call me about family portraits.  

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