HASSELBLAD H6D-50c - studiomakishima

The first time I photographed with the Hasselblad H6D-50c was consequently a job for Hasselblad Japan, photographs to be displayed at PhotoNext 2016, a pro photographers convention in Yokohama.  Originally I had a wonderful location shoot planned at the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum, or Minka-En.  However, because the shoot was scheduled in June, the rainy season in Japan, backup plans to shoot in the Buddhist temple behind the hair salon Coge near Ikuta station off the Odakyu line.  

Of course on the day of the shoot it rained ruining what would have been an amazing shoot.  So onto the backup location which although I scouted briefly, did not have a definite shoot list for.  The photos here are completely spontaneous such as the photo above.  I walked into one room and sat at a table to get my H6D ready.  The table I was at was quite low and very glossy and when I laid the camera flat on the surface it had a mirror-like finish.  At this point I set up a Broncolor Siros with a Para 88 in the adjoining room with another Siros opposite but pointed at the wall for fill, I turned out the light in the room I was in and instructed the model to open the door which is how I got the shot above.    

I did have a bit of a minor challenge shooting with the H6D, I kept forgetting about the touch screen in the back and tried the old method and time consuming way of switching aperture, shutter speed, white balance, etc using the scrolls and buttons more familiar to those who use older H series cameras like myself.  The touch screen really speeds things up considerably from being able to simply double tap on an image to zoom in 100% to check focus, to being able to easily delete an image, something which if you have used H series cameras in the past you know is a bit of a challenge.  The thing is when you tether a Hasselblad it is super easy and efficient to use, but take it off of the tether and now you have a challenge, but no so with the H6D, this camera was meant to go on location, it really cuts the digital umbilical cord.  

Over the years I have had a variety of Hasselblads from the original V series, to the H3D-39, H4D-50 and H5D-50C.  Personally I love CCD based sensors for a number of reasons, but mainly for how the render skin tones.  I especially loved the H3D-39, the kodak sensor that camera used rendered gorgeous skin tones.  However, the switch to CMOS sensors which have made medium format far more versatile has I feel come at the cost of color. Perhaps it was just my own personal camera but I noticed that there was a slight cyan tinge to my images something of course which is easily corrected in Phocus, but still I had come to expect the colors from my Hasselblads to be perfect.  Although the H6D-50C uses the same sensor as H5D-50C, I noticed that the skin tones in particular the reds were better and helped to produce a skin tone which is like the old CCD based cameras.  As much as I really loved the results of the new H6D, I think that when I switch to CMOS it will probably be with the 100c as I like the extra real-estate that sensor has.  Overall though I would be very happy if all I had to shoot with all day was the H6D-50C, it truly is a great camera!

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