HANABI - studiomakishima

If you could eat your favourite food each and every day you would soon get tired of it.  I love fireworks and in the states I always looked forward to the 4th.  However, here in Japan where you can buy fireworks year round as well as enjoy the myriad of firework festivals in the summer, you sort of get bored of watching them.  They are nice to photograph but frankly and I know this sounds snobbish but I just don't want my pictures of fireworks to look like the photos of the myriad of others at the Hanabi Matsuri.  I generally don't experiment too much when I am on a job but when I am out photographing on my own I experiment a lot.  I try to combine many techniques, long exposures, throwing the lens out of focus, moving around, multiple exposes.  When I am photographing hanabi I look insane, perhaps more like the conductor Ozawa Seiji, making all sort of exaggerating gestures, throwing my camera around like a conductor's wand.  This work is all about fun, all about passing the time at firework festivals which sometimes last for 2 hours.  

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