A lot of Tokyo neighborhoods have a split personality, tranquil, quiet and ancient feeling down one street, and down the next, a boisterous circus of saccharine , neon illuminated modern dystopia.  I guess you can tell which I prefer by my choice of language.  I find myself relaxing in the quiet part of Karasuyama, in an area known as Oteramachi.  I generally don't come here to photograph though, but for some reason to try something different.  All the images you see here are multiple exposures, not HDR, but I guess you can say painting with strobes.  This is a technique I often use in car photography but I thought could be interesting applied to architecture and nature.  I was just playing around so I didn't use multiple light modifiers like I normally would opting just to use a standard reflector on the light which yields deep shadows and bright highlights, perhaps not the best choice for this subject, but it really opened my eyes more to what I can do for future photo shoots.   

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