When man set foot on the moon seeing the earth above the horizon of the lunar landscape a Hasselblad camera was there to capture it, and for the last century if there was an important document to sign in the 20th century whether it be a treaty or a contract, chances are a Mont Blanc pen was in hand to sign it.  Tradition is ultimately about history, and Hasselblad and Mont Blanc both have a storied past, for Mont Blanc over a century, for Hasselblad nearly a century, celebrating this year its 75th anniversary. Mont Blanc and Hasselblad are two brands that I really stand behind because they represent quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and tradition and so often when we speak of these brands we use the word best to describe them.  Though traditionally Mont Blanc is thought of as a pen company, it is so much more than that.  In addition to making the worlds best pens they make extraordinary watches with a price point that is frankly in my opinion and in the opinion of some serious watch collector friends of mine  "a real bargain".  Honestly, if I wasn't always investing money back into my business which is to say buying new lenses, updating cameras and lights, I would certainly have one of these great looking timepieces.  The pictures I took of media personalities at the Tokyo Launch event on behalf of Mont Blanc were photographed with the Hasselblad H5d-200c shot obviously in single shot mode with the help of two Profoto D1 strobes.                     

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