NEW YEAR FAMILY PORTRAIT - studiomakishima

In Japan we have a tradition of sending New Year postcards (nengajo)  to our friends and family.  Often they are fairly generic store bought postcards featuring the animal from that years Chinese zodiac. Other families go out of their way to create something unique that says something about who they are, sometimes it can be wild and zany, other times they can be very traditional or sometimes artistic but regardless the photo speaks to the character of the family.  Knowing that I do somewhat zany and funny portraits,  a family will come to me and say we like playing music together and we love the book "Bremen Town Musicians."  Another family might come to me and say we love the animation, Kiki's Deliver Service. Using this information I will in someway infuse these ideas into the portrait.  For me there is no greater satisfaction than delivering the final image to a family only to see a huge smile on all their faces.  

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