PROFOTO JAPAN TOUR - studiomakishima

If you are curious as to the strobes that I most often use, I use Einstein's.  I like them for their portability and power.  However, if I am doing a big job where I need a very reliable, easy-to-use,  durable, and well-engineered light that have a ton of modifiers available then I use Profoto.  They may not be cheap but you get what you pay for.  Although I like my Einstein lights, you won't hear me asking the subject, "Did my strobe fire?"  I have lost a lot of good shots because my Einstein lights failed to trigger from the remote but I have never had the problem with Profoto.  Although the Profoto lights I often use which are rated at 500w/s are less than the reported 640 w/s that the Einstein strobes offer, when metered the Profoto offers the same amount of light output perhaps due to a better design?  However, I often use public transportation, and for me I can carry around 2 Einsteins in a backpack with a battery, versus only being able to carry one Profoto D1 in my backpack.  

Though I have worked with Profoto in the past I am not getting paid to endorse them, but if you have the money you really need to take a good look at these lights, they are worth every penny.  The image I took above with my Hasselblad H5D-50c was illuminated with a Profoto D1 Air coupled to a  white beauty dish with a grid and held by an assistant.  If an assistant is holding the strobe make sure they have some muscle if they are going to be working all day.  In this case there is a benefit to using the Einstein as it is lighter especially when mounting heavier light modifiers to it.  

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