THE CULT OF CUTE - studiomakishima

I say that I am not making any political or social commentary with the work I produce, I work commercially which is to say I am a photographic mercenary.  Much of the work that I do is in Harajuku, the sort of outcast fashion capital of Japan for which most of the world associates as the visual spirit of Japan.  However, Harajuku represents Japan in as much as Haight-Ashbury represents America, though both are bastions for those who are outsiders.  

I spend a lot of time in this area photographing and have my own opinions on the fashion trends here.  I probably don't need to say more than the image I created above to tell you how I feel about the Japanese obsession of all things cute which comes to a point in Harajuku.  Though some have said fashion trends like Lolita are infused with a rebellious spirit, it certainly isn't rebellious  in the sense that the punk movement was.  For me I sometimes see nefarious things in this obsession with cuteness, and I personally see it as far more creepy both visually and spiritually as compared to say people who are into what is deemed to be dark such as BDSM.   However, isn't this often the case. that things are the reverse of what you think they are?  

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