A TRIBUTE TO THE MASTERS - studiomakishima

Shoji Ueda, Junichiro Tanizaki, Akira Kurosawa are some of my inspirations.  Some of these influences are visually apparent in my work.  Certainly traces of how Shoji Ueda composed an image, often with large skies and minimized subjects  can be seen above, though Ueda as far as I know never photographed in color.  Color is an important character in my work, and I say character because Kurosawa, who very rarely filmed in color once said that if you are going to film in color then color needs to be one of the main characters.  However, the luminance and color palette has been considerably toned down namely in part to a book I read by Junichiro Tanizaki who wrote a book called "In Praise of Shadows."  Though metaphorically this book uses light and shadow as place holders for Western and Eastern thought, I took it very literal.  His love of warm, soft lantern light, as well as praise of shadows have become infused into my recent work.   Picasso once said that a good artist copies and a great artist steals.  Though I have my inspirations I don't like the words copy or steal because it isn't what I am doing, what I am doing or at least was doing was paying homage to those who inspired me.  

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