YUKI RHINEHART - studiomakishima

Her voice is the setting sun, amber tinged, warm, comforting, she is your companion on that lonesome country road somewhere in Japan, you know that voice, you know her name, Yuki Rhinehart, she is your friend, she is my friend.  She is a media star without borders, and it is hard to keep track of all the borders that she crosses.  As a radio DJ. She has interviewed just about every rock star that has travelled through Japan over the last few decades.  She was for a time herself  a rock star in Japan going by the stage name of Leila White.  If your children have watched NHK programming in the morning, she is the voice actress behind many lovable characters on Eigo de Asobo.  However, much of what I know about her is from wikipedia or searches as Yuki herself tends to be somewhat humble about her achievements or perhaps just forgetful of all the things she has done.  A few months ago we were working on promotional photos for her.  We took a boat out onto the bay around sunset, trying to capture visually what her voice is to many people.  To her listeners on the road she is a veiled companion, a trusted friend they travel with on their journey to wherever it is that they may be going.  I only hope that these photos match the imaginations of what the viewers may think of her.  

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