Am I a creative genius, well in the scheme of the history of photography and art, no,  I know my place, but do I have friends who are geniuses who will be in history books, yes I do.  

My good friend, Nange Magro (photographs, right), of Dead Lotus Couture happens to be one of the people I am friends with who I can say is genius.  From Madonna, to Jennifer Lopez, to Gwen Stefani and many others, they have worn her apparel on magazine covers, music videos, concerts and events.  You may have even caught this interview with her on CNN.  All the apparel you see here is her work. Furthermore, all makeup was done by one of the most brilliant makeup artists I have ever worked with, Chiaki Hino who you can contact here if you are looking for amazing HMU in Tokyo.  The model for this shoot is none other than Asuka Kunimatsu, who if you are familiar with Torture Garden events here in Japan, you know who she is.

Anyhow I hold no pretension that I am a great photographer, in fact I would assert that I am just ok, and I am not feigning humbleness to make myself look better.  In school I was one class short of being able to get a second degree in art history and the work I do certainly isn't for history books, rather magazines and social media posts, but if I were looking to be in history books, I would study my brilliant friends more often to see how they are doing it.    

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