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One of the most integral parts to any commercial shoot involving people is HMU, hair and makeup.  What I love about shooting for salons is the opportunity to scout for new talent.  Also I enjoy the opportunity to expand my knowledge of what is possible with makeup and hair as often, especially for shoots for hair competitions, limits are being pushed their extremes.  My lighting is generally fairly simple often limited to how much I can fit into one bag, but with these hair competition shoots, sometimes I might be using up to five lights each with their own assortment of modifiers. This is not potraiture in any normal sense  of the word, rather this is more akin to product photography, product photography that moves, requires coaching and sometimes even consoling as the models are sometimes not professional models.  On the other spectrum of hair salon shoots are those standard salon shots which one might find in a publication like Hot Pepper Beauty.  These jobs are fairly easy, almost formulaic, the judges here aren't looking for some avante-garde style from the year 3000, rather the judges here are everyday people looking for perhaps a trendy cut that looks good but doesn't particularly stand out the way a purple mohawk would. However, just because the styles aren't cutting edge doesn't mean I don't find amazing HMU people, in fact quite the contrary.  Anyhow, here is a sampling of some of the shoots I do.  I will try to update this page with more work when I have time.  

If you work for a salon and are looking for a photographer I would love to hear from you, feel free to contact me here!

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