Factory Restored 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV

On September 16th, 2016 Automobili Lamborghini thew an unforgettable birthday bash for the centenary of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth and the iconic Miura's 50th anniversary and as an Asian launch for the newly born Centenary.  I was on hand to photograph the event in whatever way I chose to photograph it.  One of the things I love about working for Octane Magazine Japan is that I am for the most part given free reign as to how I want to capture an event or shoot.  Sure, for events I have a general shoot list in which I simply  document the events of the day but then I am allowed to go totally Gonzo and capture the zeitgeist of the moment in whatever way I choose.  

As with any shoot I had on hand an assortment of lighting gear, in this case two Profoto B2 kits with a total of 4 strobes.   I can get pretty creative with my lighting.  The factory restored Miura above was covered by a tent, I setup 4 lights at the corners of the tent and bounced the light from the ceiling to create this effect as if it were shot in a studio.  After photographing the car I quickly zoomed into some clouds above which I used to superimpose into the photo.  Though these images don't represent what actually happened it does represent to me how I imagined the scene.  

Another reason as to why I use strobe lighting is because of days like these, most of the day was heavily overcast and raining.  However in my experience, the more miserable the weather, the better the photos.   

The first vehicle to arrive at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery for the inaugural ”Lamborghini Day Concours d’Elegance TOKYO 2016”.

Don't get me wrong, as much as I am a fan of Ferruccio I am also a fan of Enzo, but how could I was visually baited by this serendipitous moment which seems to be a jab at Ferrari.

Plenty of celebrities as well as dignitaries and leaders of industry in attendance. Terry Itoh speaks about his interest in Lamborghini as the award for the Concours d’Elegance is announced.

Representing just 1 of 40, the new Lamborghini Centenario is the latest vehicle in Lamborghini's one-off strategy.

There are pictures of what happened and of course pictures of what I imagined and frankly the images of what I imagined is far more interesting than what actually happened.    

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