Consistently ranked amongst the best fashion colleges in the world, its graduate program is currently ranked #7 by The Busines of Fashion  website, and it is the graduate students with whom I have collaborated with alongside  Hasselblad and Profoto.  If you are familiar with Japanese fashion famous alumi include Kenzo Takeda, Takeo Kikuchi, Nigo as well as Yohji Yamamoto to name a few.  

Are there any famous people walking the halls of Bunka Fashion University right now?  Absolutely there are, there are famous fashion desingers there right now, waiting to be discovered and personally I like to be on the frontlines.  These emergining fashion designers don't have the money, they don't have the fame, but money and fame is not what looking for, I am looking for talent, that raging fire of creativity waiting to escape ( this by the way was one of the  visual metaphor I was going for, reincarnation was another) 

There are a number of foreign students enrolled at Bunka Fashion University providing for an international atmosphere.   The following images feature apparel by Rickyy Wong and Diane Katigbak, modeled by Yu Ishizuka, Chiaki Goto, and Er Wang.  All images were photographed using a Hasselblad H6D-100c.  Although Profoto was a co-collaboarator supplying me with their amazing D1 lights, an Arri Skypanel S30-C was also used.   The combination of these lights, ARRI and Profoto are what is responsible for this particular look, a look which I am constantly tailoring to my ever changing sense of aesthetic.   

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